The Creation

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Croisillon Azure Blue Enamel Bracelet
First introduced in 1962, Jean Schlumberger’s colorful vitreous enamel masterpieces are among the most iconic jewelry designs of all time. The 19th-century enamel art form is a complex, labor-intensive process of meticulously layering and firing enamel multiple times. For his signature paillonné pieces, enamel is repeatedly layered with alternating sheets of precious gold foil, creating rich hues with extraordinary depth and a shimmering luminosity. Few craftspeople in the world have the artistry and skill to execute these time-honored techniques. A piece of design history, Schlumberger’s magnificent enamel bracelets are beautifully accented with gold and gemstones.. 18k yellow gold and paillonné azure blue enamel Fits wrists up to 5.75" Product number:69728359.

The Stones & Materials


The Brand


Inventor of the 925 sterling silver standard, Tiffany proudly shows more than a hundred years of designing jewellery. Thanks to famous designer collaborations (Vincent Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso), the american House has managed to remain contemporary with iconic collections such as Tiffany T.

Brand type : Institutional
Headquarters : USA, New York
Capabilities : Design, Sales, Manufacture and Distribution
Product categories : Bracelets, Rings, Accessories, Necklaces and Earrings
Manufacture : USA
Creation date : 1837
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The Collection

Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger®
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Art movement : n.a.
Design type : n.a.
Price range : from S$3,159 to S$383,145
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